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oh, the faces we wear


Booyaaaaaah~ As of early tomorrow (wednesday) morning, I'll be off for a 5 day vacay in beautiful BC.
Time for me to hit up some rays and catch a little R&R after a hectic year.
Still, I wish my grandpa could have joined us, but he passed away on Sunday. Although I guess if there is some sort of spiritual realm/heaven (not that I believe in the latter) he might be there with us as well. :]

RIP Grampy. We're missing you already.

- B

life as it is


A few points for Fanfiction writers

By now, this silly nonsense should be common sense to fanfic writers, but evidently a lot of them missed the message and jumped aboard the Fail Boat. Guh.

1) Do not use Japanese honourifics in your writing!
        I can't even begin to tell you how many wretched fanfics I've seen where some foolish otaku white chick had decided that using -chan, -kun etc. at the end of everyones names would be 'so kawaii!' Honestly, unless you are actually writing your fanfiction in Japanese text, there is no reason whatsoever that one of the white fandom characters should be using honourifics.  To make an example of this, America from Axis Powers Hetalia should not at any point in time be calling England 'England-san' or 'England-chan' or however it goes - truthfully, I don't pay much attention to anything that isn't familiar to my own culture. 

       In addition to this rule, the characters should also refrain from ever using the Japanese pronunciation of an English-spoken name, unless the character pronouncing said name happens to actually be Japanese (i.e - Japan from APH promouncing 'England' as 'Igirisu' or something along those lines). Seriously. Most fanfiction writers are caucasions (white) girls/women - you should known better than to tangle with something out of cultural basis.

2) It's called an 'enter key,' and there is also a 'tab button.' USE THEM.
        I am a very, very picky reader. For the most part, I judge the decency of a story by grammar and structure, plot and common sense. Using the enter key to separate paragraphs, and the tab key to indicate the beginning of a new paragraph, falls in both with grammat and structure as well as common sense. Please have the decency to remember this, because if there are any other readers out there like me, you will be turning a whole boatload of them away because they can't stand to see a huge, ugly wall of unformatted text. It is exceptionally aggravating, I assure you.

3) Stop putting 'Better than it sounds!' in your summary. The likelihood is that it isn't.
      If there is anything I've come to associate in the world of fanfiction writing, it is that the words 'Better than it sounds!' when written in ones summary is more often than not associated with a really shitty/lazy writer. Again, like point Number Two, I will rarely (if ever) read a story that has those words written into the summary. Not only is it tacky, but it takes away from the appeal of a storyline and indicates that the writer is not yet mature enough to write a sensible plot summary. That, and it saps away a great deal of the professional appeal of the writer themself - after all, who wants to read a story by someone who is too lazy to take two minutes to think of and write up a decent summary?

     Trust me, you aren't doing yourself or anyone else a favour by writing 'Better than it sounds!' in your summary. Don't. Just don't.

4) When doing a historical fanfiction, research all aspects of that era/point in history.
      What is the point of even writing an historical fanfiction if you don't even bother to make yourself familiar with the major and minor details of the era you are writing about? The simplest things can paint the difference between mediocre and fantastic historical writing - anywhere from the fabric and appearance of medieval clothing to the breed of livestock that existed at that particular time. It makes the story that much more believable to the reader, not to mention that it is a great deal of help to any artists to may want to make fanart for your story later on down the road.

      Yes, you may question your sanity - 'Why am putting all this effort into researching so many things just for a fanfiction?' Well, if that is the case, why are you writing a fanfiction? Better yet, why are you writing anything at all? To some, writing may be a natural talent, but even these talented people have to research method and architecture used in their short stories or future published novels. No published author is a stranger to doing many long, hard hours of research for their novels, - well, maybe with the exception of Stephanie Meyer - so why should you be any exception, even if for such a 'simple' thing as a fanfiction?

5) Everyone has their own style.
How many times have I read a fanfic where the author has tried to immitate the wordiness of Oscar Wilde, or even the stupour of psychological mind-fuckery such as the works of Lewis Carroll? The answer is: too many to count. Most of the time, these stories end up sounding disjointed and strained, the flow of the writing unnatural and uncomfortable to my mind's inner editor. Each writer has their own style of writing, and it pains me to see an otherwise talented or promising writer defiling their own reputation with a failed attempt at immitating the style as seen in Life of Pi or Alice in Wonderland.

    Unless you are very familiar with another writers style to a fault, never try to immitate a style that is otherwise not your own. Writing fanfictions based in the same universe as another writers story is fine, but ten to one you won't be able to accurately hit the same tone if you are trying to write just like the prior-mentioned author. Write in a way that you are comfortable and personally familiar with - your writing should be an extension of who you are, not who you want to be like. Perhaps your style of writing is very detailed and long-winded, or perhaps you prefer to write short scenes filled with dramatics and a big bang - your style is your own, and while it may be akin to such writers as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Vladimir Nabokov or Oscar Wilde, it is still uniquely your own for no man or woman writes exactly like another person. There can only be immitations, and as we should all know by now, immitations are all very cheesy things.

FIFA - England vs USA watch party

That was some freaking amazing, epic shit! The people, the posts, the GIF's - I'm surprised I didn't bust a gut at some of them. xD
But yes, the game ended up in a tie, and while I'm disappointed that England didn't win, I'm not let down by my fandom. Fanart, Fanfics and just the most amazing people ever, there's only one more thing for me to say;


[Pimpage] Music Canadiana


Gadzooks and gaburples!

So I'm in a bit of a predicament right now...

I really hate being put on the spot.Collapse )

[Fanfic] UsxUk - After Nine Years [1/3]

Title: After Nine Years
Pairing: USxUK
Rating: G for this chapter, but PG-13 overall
Warnings: None for this part, language and violence in parts 2 and 3.
Summary: AU- Alfred F. Jones was Arthur's first and only best friend.

His grinning face gave way to a mop of sandy blond hair, a lock of which stuck up from the rest in a nearly curlicue cowlick.Collapse )

Let's try this again

I've always been crap with keeping up a livejournal, to the point where I've probably gone through about three or four within the past six years, and spent even less time that that (not even a year) actively maintaining them. I've actually had this account since November of this last year, posted twice, then deleted those entries because upon later review they just seemed really petty and childish.

So I've decided to start again, this time with a little profile of myself!

Alias: Silver_Society, but let's cut that down to S_S, hmm?
Age: Legal, and that's all you need to know ;)
Gender: Female, duh
Nationality: Canadian!
Current Fandom: Hetalia~
Pairings:  UsUk, FrUK, Franada, SuFin etc. etc. it's a long list
Hobbies: Writing, drawing/painting, history (medieval era, specific),  booooooks~

So, any questions or concerns, direct them towards me. I'm bored! SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!


- S_S